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Creative Compliance Hub Overview

Insurance Licensing Software

The Creative Compliance Hub is a Cloud-Based Software Platform born out of necessity and nurtured with experience and knowledge. Creative Compliance Hub is a robust, yet easy-to-use platform that has been proven to save time, simplify workflows, avoid hassles, reduce risk and lower costs. Creative Compliance Hub Hub began as an idea that an insurance licensing compliance software should make things easier, not harder. Creative Compliance, in it’s role as a leader in insurance license compliance managed services, needed a software platform that could meet the needs of an Enterprise user managing 10,000’s of licenses across all lines in all 50 states. Creative Compliance used or evaluated all of the major licensing compliance platforms on the market, and found that they all had deficiencies of one kind or another. What could we do but develop a software platform of our own? Creative Compliance enlisted the help of one of the top software designers in New York, and in conjunction with it’s abundance of knowledge surrounding licensing compliance, Creative Compliance was able to develop the most powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use software platform on the market today.