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Future Roadmap



Gary Harker Esq., founder and CEO 
discusses the companys future growth

The following constitute some of the guiding principles that drive our vision and its success:

INCREASING VISIBILITY – our aim in creating the Creative Compliance Hub was to put a hugely powerful and comprehensive platform in front of individuals responsible for ensuring firm compliance so as to give them a state of the art tool for ensuring firm compliance across all applicable state regulatory agencies.  Our tools continue to expand and evolve to help compliance professionals monitor, manage, track and cross-check the daily activities required to keep not only an agency, its producers and contractors’ licensing compliant but also the numerous supplemental filings and reporting required of an agency to be active and in good standing across all state and federal agencies. The success rates of our suite of tools have been nothing short of astonishing.

CONTINUALLY ENHANCED – our product is continually enhanced providing clients with additional functionality and increased value. Working daily with our managed services division and our long-term clients gives us the feedback necessary to quickly adapt our product to respond to changes in the regulatory environment and provide bespoke functionality. Equally, we also obtain information from our newer customers who bring in fresh ideas which result in an expanded product vision which drives new product functionality.  We work endlessly to enhance our product to meet client needs and facilitate an even better user experience.

A FOCUS ON INTEGRATION – the ability for our product to connect, integrate and aggregate data from different information sources and existing systems already in use, remains an important focus. We are continually adapting our product to integrate with single sources of truth such as NIPR, CE providers, background companies, and additional license data sources, as well as with our clients existing systems and sales tools.

YOUR ROI – we understand it is an imperative of all business leaders to ensure that all product or service implementations, at the outset and on an ongoing basis, provide strong ROI’s . Our proven track record of improving efficiencies coupled with our continuous enhancements ensure our product offerings remain cutting edge and provide new value making it easier for business leaders to drive this ROI.

For us, these guiding principles are shaping our product roadmap as we continue to innovate while remaining focused on usability and compliance.

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