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Creative Compliance Hub Minimum User Requirements


Minimum User Requirements Agreement

Users of Creative Compliance Hub (hereinafter, “Users”) agree to adopt and adhere to the requirements, which requirements constitute minimally acceptable standards of Users use of Creative Compliance Hub, as follows: 

Client Access Device. User will only use a Computer, Tablet, Mobile Device and similar product (hereinafter, “Device”), which contains all manufacturer’s operating system updates, as at the time of use, and is free of any viruses, malware or software that may manipulate the system or imitate human behavior. A device on which the operating system is no longer receiving security updates may not be used.

Virus & Malware Defense. User will only use a Device which has an up-to-date firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware software installed with full scan performed at a minimum of weekly intervals.

Mail and Web Browser Protections. All Devices used must be running an updated and currently supported web browser with the latest updates installed. It is suggested, in order to minimize opportunities for attackers to manipulate human behavior through interaction with a User’s web browser and email system, that a spam-filtering tool blocking malicious web domains by utilized. Under no circumstances should web browser plugins be installed on User’s Device. 

Passwords. User will use a strong password when accessing Creative Compliance Hub. Passwords should never be stored in the User’s web browser or given to co-workers for liability reasons. Passwords are specific to the User and should not be shared under any circumstances. 

Wireless Access Control. User will only use a secured wireless network, access points and/or wireless system. Where available it is suggested use of an Ethernet work network over a wireless network for data security purposes. 

Secure Configuration for Network Devices. Users individually, or through their employer’s technology support personnel, must establish, implement and actively manage the security configuration of the User’s office network infrastructure devices such as firewalls, routers and switches.

Notice of Device Security Breach.
If User becomes aware that a Device s/he has used to upload data and/or documents to Creative Compliance Hub has been subject to a security breach, User will immediately notify Creative Compliance of such breach by emailing [email protected] and telephoning Domenic D’Andrea at 518-584-1704 (ext 7703)

* The practices stated herein maybe amended from time to time. User agrees to adopt and adhere to the most current Minimum User Requirements in effect.