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5 Reasons to Take a Demo


5 Reasons to Take a Demo

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State-of-the-Art Software!

Our cloud-based platform is the only product in the market that was developed inhouse, by a licensing, corporate compliance and legal services company, for licensing compliance professionals! Click here to SCHEDULE A DEMO TODAY!  call: (518) 290-6386 email: [email protected].

Improved Oversight and the Elimination of Administrative Actions!

Our software platform has task management tools, licensing management automation and alert features that put access to all data and documents at your fingertips in real-time assist and will help your agency reduce its exposure to administrative actions!

Administrative Efficiencies!

Our software platform is loaded with efficiencies including EZ Onboarding, address updates, CE tracking, robust report generation, and an Agent Self Service Portal, all of which will save your licensing compliance team countless hours!

Unrivaled Expertise!

Our entire team is composed of compliance experts who provide guidance on all insurance regulatory matters, removing the guess work and answering any compliance questions that may arise!

Full Hybrid Solution and Peace of Mind!

As a subscriber to our cloud-based platform, we offer industry leading permanent and temporary personnel support solutions to accommodate personnel shortages/absences or alleviate excess workloads on an as needed basis. Click here to SCHEDULE A DEMO!  

Call: (518) 290-6386
Email: [email protected].